19.5.19 Sunday already

Busy day yest which is why I didnt get round to posting but suffering for it now.

Done a lot of walking and drinking yest, so that killed me but was such a good day.

Last night I woke at 12.30am not really sure why but then couldn’t get comfy or drop off so ended up sitting downstairs till 4 am came back to bed and slept for 2 hrs.

Now today I am a very tired and ache all over, cant get comfy, feel fidgety and restless but hopefully when we get home and can go to bed and crash the rest of the day.

Argh the pains going through my bones today is almost unbearable! Tummy ache all day too, almost able to go bed 15 more mins.

Rest for the rest of afternoon for me … night x

17.5.19 Friday 😁

Hard to get up this morning, way too tired and woke up at midnight wide awake for some reason.

Into work few mins late as needed emergency toilet break before I left home in the end.

Not a bad day really kept awake and didnt ache to bad which was fab news.

Just finished work and now to travel the 2hrs in car to my mums in Southampton, cant wait, will be a fun weekend.

Just mega tired and hungry, trying to eat well so bowl of shreddies for bfast and wrap for lunch isn’t cutting it really I’m bloody starving but let’s hope dinner will be ready when we get to mums lol.

Positive weekend vibes to everyone.

16.5.19 gym day 2

Feeling good this morning, dont feel sick, dont ache…

Breakfast – shreddies

Lunch times comes around at work, omg it’s so hot in the office, actually think I’m dying.

IBS playing up a bit, toilet stops x2 already, not feeling too hungry but ate my chicken pasta anyway.

Snack, pom bears and protein bar.

Just waiting for hubby to get home so we can go gym again, round 2 … fingers crossed it will be ok, will try 1 extra minute on the x trainer and few extra weights, slow and steady.

So gym went well done almost double I did in Monday which was good, got a feeling I may pay for it tomoz.

Homemade Pizza for dinner made with wraps so they are healthier.

I used to drink 2/3 beers every weekday evening and then more at weekends but the last 3 weeks I have stopped drinking Monday to Friday, not sure if it’s made a huge difference so far but maybe it will cut my beer belly a bit.

Let’s hope I’ll be ok tomorrow, only time will tell.

15.5.19 hump day

Wednesday is here, I ache a bout in my legs and arms and as always mega tired.

Not sure many people are actually reading my blogs as I know they are pretty boring but it’s just day 2 day life with M.E unfortunately.

Work is ok today just mega hot !! 🥵🥵 I’m always boiling hot anyway and our office is really warm aswell so that sucks as that makes me feel bit unwell too.

Nearly home time, can’t wait. Just chill this afternoon and relax my body ready for another gym day tomoz.

Hope all are ok today.

Bit of IBS trouble today but least I work near the toilet so that’s good.

Trying to be healthy had salad for lunch but now 14.50 and I’m starving.

Well positive feelings I must keep going ….

14.5.19 gym fall out

Well after the gym I actually felt ok, home had dinner and fell asleep like a baby.

This morning aches and pains wise I’m all good so far just mega tired. Tired on top of tired x100 but do feel ok otherwise.

In work this morning feel good so here to a positive day.

So good so far, still mega tired and legs are starting to ache a bit but positive mind is important so keep smiling and carry on as well as possible, I am in the mindset right now that this wont beat me and I am in control.

Living with the illness for so long has taught me a few important things, in the beginning i struggled a lot and didnt what to leave the house in case i felt sick and tired etc… but now i have started a massive positive step in making myself do things i want to do because i CAN and i WILL, i will be in control and take a stand against my illness.

Ok it’s not always easy of course and always get bad days and days I struggle to be positive, but when the sun is ok it’s much easier to grab the positive vibes.

Today I’m feeling that a lot.

So here is to a positive week …. 😁

13.5.19 Monday again…

Monday is here, think we fell asleep at 8pm last night but guess what … still woke up tired but do feel bit more refreshed.

All okish today, this cold has almost gone, just feel bloated but hungry today. Headache has gone thank goodness.

Sun is out, that always makes me feel happier.

Let’s hope today is a good one.

Work till 15.30 then hubby and I are going to brave the gym. Not sure if this is a good idea as I may suffer all week but it’s something I want to try as I need to lose weight ! Even if I just do 1 hr mon to thurs and see how we get on.

Trying to each better so, porridge for brekkie and a banana, slimfast meal bar and pom bears as a snack. I’m so hungry!! Meatballs for dinner tonight.

Here goes then gym time….

Catch you all up tomorrow and how it made me feel.

Have a lovely evening X

Sunday walks

So this morning was alright took me a while to wake up but was nice chilled Sunday morning.

Went to willen lake for a nice walk then sainsbury’s then home and crash.

Slept this afternoon and had a headache. 1 walk and im done, can sleep all afternoon!

Only woke to eat dinner and write this, wont be long before I’m back to sleep!!

Argh it’s so frustrating.